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Inertial Stabilisation Module for Pan and Tilt Units


  • Modular, compact, fully integrated
  • Strapdown gyro design
  • Real-time control while stabilized (tracking, slew-to-queue)
  • Compatible with all Directed Perception Pan-Tilts
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Stabilized Line-of-Site (LOS) Pointing
  • Supports standard PTU and stabilized pointing commands
Ordering Info: Part No. PTU-ISM


FLIR offers low-cost inertial stabilization module (ISM) as an option on several pan-tilt models including: PTU-D48E, PTU-D100E, and PTU-D300E. The ISM is fully integrated with the E-Series pan-tilt units requiring no external wiring or processing boxes. It provides a turn-key integrated solution for low-cost inertial line of site (LOS) stabilization of any payload for mobile platforms including ground, air, and sea. For camera applications, inertial stabilization improves images while on the move. The ISM allows real-time computer control during stabilization, enabling closed loop systems for tracking, slew-to-queue, and more.

The new ISM for E-Series pan-tilts is in its 3rd generation and provides substantially improved performance over previous generations enabling a wider range of applications and payloads to be stabilized. The ISM for E-Series is fully integrated and provides a web interface for simple configuration and operation. A high-performance software interface is available to simplify integration of customer user interface/control applications.

  • Integrated low-cost inertial stabilization for FLIR E-Series pan-tilt units
  • Real-time control from computer or joystick while stabilized
  • Complementary to electronic image stabilization

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  • PTU-5 (5 lb top mount; 6 lb total side mount, 120˚/s pan, 50˚/s tilt)
  • PTU-D48E (payload up to 15lbs, 100°/sec pan, 50°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-D100E (payload up to 25lbs, 120°/sec pan, 120°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-D300E (payload up to 90lbs, 50°/sec pan, 50°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-DGPM (geo-pointing module)
  • PTU-CPI (C language programmers interface)
  • PTU-DCJ (joystick controller)
  • Framegrabbers (framegrabbers to get your images into your pc)
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Datasheet D48E-ISM (PDF 233KB)
Datasheet D100E-ISM (PDF 238KB)
Datasheet D300E-ISM (PDF 271KB)
Manual (PDF 881KB)


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