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Geo-Pointing Module for Pan and Tilt Units


  • Modular design
  • Built-in Web/Ethernet Interface
  • Compatible with all Directed Perception Pan-Tilt Units
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Geo-Pointing and Geo-Tracking functions
  • Supports standard pan-tilt and Geo-pointing commands
  • Single DC power input
  • Support for both traditional and Geo-coordinate commands
  • Simple configuration using built in web pages
Ordering Info: Part No. PTU-DGPM


The Geo-Pointing Module (GPM) is an add-on module for Directed Perception pan-tilt units. It allows applications to point cameras, lasers, and other devices, using Latitude/Longitude coordinates instead of pan-tilt angles. The GPM is a multi-function device that provides:

1) Aew pan-tilt commands to allow geo-pointing,
2) Ethernet/IP interface for geo-pointing and standard pan-tilt commands, and
3) A set of web pages for graphical configuration and control

Geo-coordinates of targets of interest are sent directly to the GPM-equipped Pan- Tilt Unit, and the unit is automatically aimed at that geo-coordinate. Streams of target coordinates can be sent to the unit allowing tracking/following of targets to keep them in the field-of-view. The Geo-Pointing Module accepts both geopointing and standard pan-tilt commands over TCP/IP using the built-in Ethernet port and is compatible with all Directed Perception pan-tilt units.

Applications include: Long-range surveillance, force protection, perimeter/border security, radar-based port monitoring systems, antenna positioning systems, satellite communications systems, laser ranging systems and automated video detection and tracking systems.

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Datasheet (PDF 185KB)


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