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Pan and Tilt Unit - Model PTU-D100E Series



  • Smooth, repeatable motion and rigid design provide steady images in windy environments and excellent visual tracking
  • Powerful command set supports absolute angle, relative angle, and velocity control with low latency and low jitter
  • Solid and vibration-tolerant for vehicle-mounted applications
  • Wide range of pan speeds (< 0.0075º/sec to over 120º/sec)
  • Extremely precise positioning (0.0075º) allows translating object positions to map coordinates accurately
  • 360º continuous-pan option including pass-through for multiple cameras and other payload types (Video, IR, Laser)
  • Single connector for all video, control, power interfaces
  • Flexible payload mounting (top or dual-side)
  • Computer interface via RS-232/-422/-485 Ethernet
  • Fully sealed for outdoor/marine applications (IP67)
Ordering Info: Part No. See Below


The PTU-D100E model family of mid-sized computer-controlled pan-tilts are designed for a wide range of outdoor fixed and mobile applications. They are compact, light weight (18.5 lbs), and rugged and offer an off-the-shelf solution for positioning of any type of small sensor or other payload.


The E Series models offer integral Ethernet/web interface, programmable ranges of motion, and improved motion control fidelity.


The PTU-D100E models utilize stepper motors with an asymmetrical worm-gear design. The body of the pan-tilt is constructed from machined aluminum and provides very rigid, repeatable positioning. The controller is fully integrated and the units provide a single weatherized mil-style connector for power, pan-tilt and payload signals.


Payloads can be mounted on the sides and/or top (multiple bracket configurations available).


The inertial stabilization module (ISM ) configuration uses an integrated gyro to actively control the pan-tilt to maintain the current pointing angle. This provides for improved camera images and communications links to be maintained from moving platforms including ground vehicles, boats, and aircraft. A real-time control interface is available through the ISM to support user joystick control, tracking and other applications in stabilized mode.


The built-in command set offers both ASCII and binary formats. This command set supports real-time control at up to 60 commands/second with very low and predictable latencies. The rich command set provides fine-grained control of position (absolute and relative), velocity, acceleration and other unit functions. Geo-pointing allows units to be aimed with a latitude, longitude, altitude location. Geo-pointing is built into all E-Series models.





Max Payload Weight (nominal)
25 lbs. (side mount)
20 lbs. (side mount)
12 lbs. (top mount)
25 lbs. (side mount)
Position Resolution (°)
Min Pan Speed
0.0075° / Sec.
0.0075° / Sec.
0.0075° / Sec.
Max Pan Speed
120° / Sec.
120° / Sec.
120° / Sec.
Min Tilt Speed
0.0075° / Sec.
0.0075° / Sec.
0.0075° / Sec.
Max Tilt Speed
120° / Sec.
120° / Sec.
120° / Sec.
Pan Range
Nx360-continous (with optional slip-ring)
Nx360-continous (optional)
Nx360-continous (with optional slip-ring)
Tilt Range
20.2 lbs
~21 lbs
20.2 lbs
13.63" (with top bracket)
13.63" (with top bracket)
13.63" (with top bracket)
Operating Voltage
Operating Temperature
-30°C to +70°C
-30°C to +70°C
-30°C to +70°C
Stabilization Performance
See datasheet


  • Long-range / Perimeter surveillance
  • Harbor / Port Monitoring Systems
  • Laser ranging systems
  • Automated video detection & tracking systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Vehicle & shipboard surveillance systems
  • Force Protection
  • Antenna pointing


  • Payload brackets – top, side, dual-side, top+side
  • Geo-Pointing Module
  • Slip-ring/payload pass-through wiring
  • Alternate colors/finishes
  • Inertial Stabilization

Related Products

  • PTU-5 (5 lb top mount; 6 lb total side mount, 120˚/s pan, 50˚/s tilt)
  • PTU-E46 (payload up to 9lb, 300°/sec or payload up to 9lbs, 60°/sec)
  • PTU-D46 (payload up to 9lbs, 300°/sec pan, 60°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-D47 (payload up to 12lbs, 300°/sec pan, 60°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-D48E (payload up to 15lbs, 100°/sec pan, 50°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-D300E (payload up to 90lbs, 50°/sec pan, 50°/sec tilt)
  • PTU-DGPM (geo-pointing module)
  • PTU-ISM (inertial stabilisation module)
  • PTU-SDK (software development kit for high-precision P&T units)
  • Framegrabbers (framegrabbers to get your images into your pc)
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Product Downloads

Datasheet D100E (PDF 420KB)
Datasheet D100E-ISM (PDF 434KB)
Datasheet D100E-EX (PDF 431KB)
Datasheet D100E Configuration (PDF 1MB)
User Manual D100E (PDF 1.6MB)


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